Welcome to Elevated Surface Cleaning (formerly Brainerd Lakes Window Cleaning)! We specialize in state-of-the art cleaning services…everything from window cleaning to elevated dust removal to solar panel cleaning…even power washing and pest control. We realize the value of clean living and take pride in partnering with you to care for your property.

Our property care services include:
Window Cleaning
Power Washing
Pest Control
Elevated Dust Removal
Solar Panel Cleaning
Specializing in mid to large commercial and high-end residential projects.
Protecting your investment and business’ reputation.
Providing structural exterior pest control (we do not spray for mosquitos).
Safely eliminating dust from ceilings, beams, window ledges and other custom areas.
Cleaning for energy efficiency – clean solar panels create up to 50% more power.

What can we do for you?

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Don’t forget to look up when you’re thinking about your property maintenance plan - elevate your standards and contact us with any questions and to schedule your property care appointment.

We look forward to being your property care partner!